We had a successful mission to Ray’s Outdoors today! 

After our last camping trip there were a few items we identified that we would need to make the next trip even better. Our mission today was to track some of them down. 

Given the regular fire warnings that there are in Victoria we wanted to get a butane cooker as a back up for if we can’t make a fire. Also, as we found last time, if you can’t be bothered making a fire in the morning, one that you will only use for a few minutes to boil some water or fry an egg, having a backup cooker helps solve that problem. The cooker was $22.00 and they threw in the gas bottles for free – they were left over from a previous special or something!

We got a 2.5L kettle that we can use on the cooker or hang over a fire, and a headlamp twin pack for more than 50% off. Speaking of good deals, the shoes were $39.00 down from $100.00. Score!

We are camping in the Yarra Valley on Easter weekend so this will all come in handy!


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