A while back I mentioned that I read Leviathan Wakes the first book in The Expanse series and really enjoyed it. I went straight from that into book two, Caliban’s War and just finished ploughing through it. It was so good that I got through it in about a week, with the final third being read over the last two days while we were camping.

So yeah, I loved it.

Caliban’s War picks up sometime after Leviathan Wakes and we have Holden return along with his crew and we are introduced to some new characters. All of them play key roles, and like Leviathan, each chapter tells a part of the story from the point of view of one of the main characters.

The novel covers the aftermath of the events of the first book, and expands to feel like a much broader story. It builds well on the first book and develops the threat to the solar system in a logical way. It feels like a natural escalation, and despite a bit of political stuff which I was not so keen on, it is a thoroughly entertaining ride.

I have the third book – Abaddon’s Gate – on order at the library, and be assured, as soon as it comes in I will be devouring it with as much gusto as the first two.


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