I am ploughing through The Expanse series at a great rate of knots and loving every page of it. I’ve just finished Abaddon’s Gate and it was a great addition to the expanding story.

I think I have mentioned before that while I really enjoy sci-fi movies, and am a massive Star Wars nerd, I never really been able to get into sci-fi books. One of the things that I have enjoyed about this series is that you get gently eased into the more fantasy based elements of the story. Leviathan Wakes was set in the solar system, but was more of a detective / kidnapping type story, Caliban’s War was a monster story, and Abaddon’s Gate took us into the zone of alien threats, alternate universes, and places that alter physics. Honestly, if the series had started out with the Abaddon’s Gate stuff, I probably would have found it hard to get on board, but since things started out slowly and over the three books has slowly grown and built the “universe”, I thoroughly enjoyed it as a logical progression and am looking forward to getting my teeth into the next instalment, Cibola Burn, and the other short stories and novellas that I have tracked down.


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