The south side of the river is looking nice this morning!



  1. mate ..it’s freaky…..all of our different lives…you look at a beautiful view like that and capture it….send it over to me…who is imbibing some whisky and about to play my guitar at 11 pm…….much to the chagrin of my family : )

    Thanks mate….I’m pished but love seeing “our risen saviour” (the sun) from your part of the world : )

    On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 10:17 PM, Sierra Kilo Bravo wrote:

    > sierrakilobravo posted: “The south side of the river is looking nice this > morning! ” >


    • Ninja, me ol’ mate, I had a similar thought the other day – for work I had to set up a conference call between me in Melbourne, my boss who was travelling and in Paris, and a contractor based in Canada. Something about us being thousands of miles apart yet all connected at the same moment. Dunno. I will raise a glass of Johnny Black in your honour tonight my good man.


      • Cheers mate.
        Enjoy the whisky!
        A wee recommendation for you.
        If you’ve got netflix,try and have a wee watch of a glasgow comedy called “still game”(you’ll probably need subtitles until you grasp the accents).

        Cheers the noo!


      • It went down a treat! Thanks for the recommendation, Still Game is on Aussie Netflix, so will check it out! We’ve been watching Outlander and enjoying the accents. It tickles my Scottish heritage to hear it (we are Camerons).

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      • Here’s a wee bit of trivia about still game.
        On the second episode called “faimly” (which is how Glaswegians say family) you will notice a bearded guy sitting on the bench at the train station….it is the guy who played pippin in lord of the rings.
        Now I’ll leave you in peace till Christmas….he he


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