A man decides that he wants to join a monastery. He has had a enough of the daily grind of office life, and wishes to get away from it all and live a simple life. He does some research on various monasteries and after much conjecture, makes his choice.

The day comes and he arrives at the monastery and he checks in with the Abbot. The Abbot gives the man his cloak and says “So you are content with the rules? You have a vow of silence and can only speak two words once every two years?” The man nods his head, he is ready to put his old life behind him.

The first two years pass and it feels to the man like it takes forever. When the time comes to say his two words, he goes to the Abbot and decides to use the occasion to say what he is unhappy about. He kneels down and looks at the Abbot and says “food terrible”.

The Abbot nods serenely and the man goes on his way.

Another two years pass and again the time drags. The man never says a word for those two years as is dictated by his vow, until the time comes for him to say another two words. He kneels before the Abbot, looks at him and says “bed uncomfortable”.

The Abbot nods serenely and the man goes on his way.

Two more years of silence pass, and the man is approaching six years in the monastery. He has made a decision, and takes the opportunity of his next two words with the Abbot to say his piece. He kneels in front of the Abbot, looks at him and says “I’m leaving”.

A look of relief comes over the Abbot’s face and he replies. “Oh, thank god for that. You’ve been complaining ever since you got here!”


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