Chillin’ on a Sunday – Vlog #048 – SUN21UG2016



  1. Winsty me old mucker,you are the very guy I need to talk to.
    In the James Bond film “moonraker”…..in the scene where Jaws falls in love with the girl (Dolly) and smiles at her……does she smile back at him with braces in her teeth?
    I thought she did….what say you sir?


  2. The reason I ask is this….I am sure I remember her having braces.
    But my son was telling me about something called the Mandela effect….and I googled and saw this video.


    • Hmmm. I don’t actually recall to be honest. It would make sense for her to have braces as the “metal in the mouth” thing would be the thing that drew them together right?

      My experience with the Mandela Effect is with the Berenstein Bears. I grew up reading those books and watching the cartoons. And then a couple of years a go I saw a reference to them and it was spelled Berenstain. I thought “oops they’ve made a typo!” But no, apparently in this part of the multiverse that’s how they spell it…


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