For my birthday this year, Mrs B bought me an English version of one of her favourite books, Nan-Gore. Don’t worry if the title makes no sense, because the original Japanese title (yu-ri-go-ko-ro) does not make any sense either. It is a nonsense word used in the book to describe the feeling people get when they want to kill someone…

Yes, it is intriguing, and I enjoyed reading this – Mrs B has good taste in books!

The story follows the main character as he stumbles across some diaries in his father’s closet, diaries written by someone murdering several people over a number of years. Is it a real diary or a work of fiction? Is the writer his mother? Is there any connection to his missing fiance in all this?

At around 250 pages this is a quick read, but even so, the author touches deep nerves when discussing family life and just how messed up it can be. It is a short book, but is by no means a throwaway beach read. It’s the kind of book that gets you wondering about what is real and what is not, and makes you ask the question – how well do you know the people you call family?


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