One of my favourite movies ever is The Children of Men starring one of my man crushes, Clive Owen (he should be the next James Bond). There was something about the believable presentation of the breakdown of humanity that packed a real punch, not to mention the amazing long single takes (Alfonso Cuarón’s finest work). So, because I am an idiot, I was pleasantly surprised to discover recently that the movie was based on a book. Regular readers of this blog will know that I enjoy reading books that movies are based on (but generally despise reading books that are based on movies).

Set in the not too distant future the human race has become sterile, and as such, with each generation dying off there are fewer and fewer humans on the planet. Daily life has changed radically as a result, and there is little hope for the future, just a resigned acceptance that eventually we will all die out.

Such is the setup, and within about two chapters, the book had crawled into my head and set up camp. The switching between diary style and narrative was balanced well, and I just kept ploughing through page after page as I just needed to know what happened next. My knowledge of the movie did not dampen any excitement (they are different enough that not much is given away apart from the key revelation) and I was riveted throughout, and for the first time in a long time, left wanting more.

I highly recommend this for a jolly good read, one that will get you thinking and suck you in. Pick this up and say goodbye to your social life.


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