As mentioned in my vlog yesterday, we are set to wing our way to Japan this Friday. To say that we are looking forward to it is an understatement. 

We are pumped.

This will be my fourth time to Japan but this will be the first time since we left the religion called Jehovah’s Witnesses. So this means that this will be the first time that we can do whatever we want with whoever we want. And boy do we have some cool things planned. From hot spring baths to karaoke to shopping to exploring the famous Piss Alley in search of Suntory whiskey we plan to finally see and feel the real Japan. 

Also mentioned in the vlog was that I am sick: I’ve been crook since last Tuesday and know that I am close to knocking it on the head. I do not want to get on the plane on Friday feeling like this. I’m taking all my medicine like a good boy, and I think I am slowly getting better, but instead of this week being all about anticipation and excitement, all I can think about is GET YO ASS BETTER. 

Fingers crossed, I want to be leaving on a jet plane healthy and ready to have a whole lotta fun. 


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