A while back I was flipping through a magazine at our local supermarket and in it there was a review of a TV show called The Man in the High Castle. I glanced over it and was about to move on until something caught my eye: “German occupied America”.


Interest twanged

I began to read the article and read that the series was based on a book by Philip K. Dick. Regular readers will know that I don’t need much of an excuse to track down a book, and so I did with The Man in the High Castle.

I tore through it quickly, and really enjoyed the premise and characters. I’ll be up front – not a lot really happens, it moves quite slowly; the story just starts in the middle of normal daily life, and we slowly get to know the various characters through their normal daily life. What is engaging is imagining what the world would be like if Germany and Japan were the victors in World War Two. Dick captures all the little things that would change under occupation, and subtly weaves them into the narrative.

Towards the end things start to pick up, and then when the end comes, it is wonderfully ambiguous, and is such that it will produce hours of discussion among your friends and fellow readers.

If you have read it, I would love to hear your take on the ending. If you haven’t yet read it, add it to your list for 2017.


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