Surely it must be a sign of a good book when you read it in less than a week, and then you give it to your wife, and she then smashes through it in a matter of days while on holiday.



Stranglehold is the second Jack Ketchum book I have read, and for a second time he found a way to worm into my brain and set up camp. I have never been a fan of family and courtroom drama, but there is something about Ketchum’s writing and style that make you want to keep reading and not put the book down.

The story revolves around the Danse family, and from the opening scene where a mother tries to drown her son in a toilet, you go down the rabbit hole with this family and the events that befall them over a number of decades.

This book has characters you will hate, characters you will sympathise with, and characters that you will see make bad decisions – all the while asking yourself “What would I have done in the same situation?” Maybe that question is the key to what makes Ketchum so good to read. That question is always lurking in the background and adds a whole ‘nother level to things.

Chuck this one on your list for 2017!

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