the_call_of_the_wild_classic_comicsA while back I read a great book called Into the Wild, about a man by the name of Christopher McCandless who broke away from mainstream life and wandered the Alaskan wilderness where he was later found dead. Among his inspirations for heading into the wilderness were the writings of Jack London, famed adventure author of the early 1900s.

By chance I came across The Call of the Wild by Jack London, and having become vaguely familiar with the name through McCandless, I decided to read it. I grew up reading old books (Biggles, James Bond etc) and so reading a book written in 1903 was taking me to a familiar place. Straightaway, I noticed that the writing style didn’t have that old timey feel to it that you often get with books from around that time, but rather it read more like a modern tome. And then, to my delight, I was a few paragraphs in before I realised that the story was written from the perspective of Buck, a dog and the main character.

What follows the opening pages is a high adventure written in such a way that would no doubt have caught the imagination of readers at the time. In fact its rather timeless in this aspect as, had I not known who the author was and when it was published, I never could have guessed, and therefore it is just as entertaining today.

This was thoroughly enjoyable to read and I am now on the hunt for more Jack London works.


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