If you have read my Star Wars related book reviews in the past, you will know that I have been less than impressed with the latest book trilogy (Aftermath) that aims to fill the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. I won’t dwell on them here, but needless to say, after reading them I felt the need to go back to the old books of the Expanded Universe, the books that they now refer to as Legends. I had read the Thrawn trilogy many years ago, and re-reading it again reminded me of just how good Star Wars books can be.


This series recalls the rollicking adventure styling of the original trilogy movies, and effortlessly and smoothly adds to the stories of the core characters. One of my biggest gripes with the Aftermath books is that the core characters are almost unrecognisable (like Leia saying rubbish like “by the blood of Alderaan!”, yet across this trio of books, everything seems familiar and harmonious.

Thrawn is a formidable enemy, albeit with a sometimes eyerolling ability for getting things right, who has our heroes traveling all over the galaxy in an effort to bring him down. I like how the books spend an equal time with both sides so that you get an understanding of their motivations and operations. There are some needless side stories (Ackbar), and some annoying plot lines (C’baoth), but overall the trilogy is a fun read full of action, nostalgia, and good ol’ sci-fi fantasy fun.

I might need to mine the EU for some more good stuff.


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