I’m a little behind with my movie reviews, so here is a dump!

The 33: Even though you know the result, you’ll be on edge.

The Magnificent Seven: This over the top unnecessary remake actually made me smile.

Stalingrad: The overuse of slo-mo doesn’t distract from the good story.

Mommy Dead and Dearest: Comes from left field to punch you in the brain.

True Story: This movie somehow successfully makes a great story only good.

Fury: A solid entry into the canon of great war films.

Point and Shoot: This is an confusing one. Is this guy a weirdo?

Headshot: A high octane and utterly forgettable martial arts action film.

Logan: A superhero movie that’ll put a lump in your throat.

John Wick – Chapter 2: Doesn’t reach the heights of the original, but great fun.


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