The things we do for YouTube content



You might remember a while back I made a couple of posts about an ad that I was working on for a mate to advertise his vocal lessons. He signed off on the image below as the final product:

School Ad5

Pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I made all of these with GIMP instead of Pixlr, and fell in love with the program in the process.

This version – which was the first one I did – is still my favourite, but since it contained pictures of old dudes drinking whiskey, we thought it might not be appropriate since it is for a school magazine…

School Ad


If you’ve ever ventured on to my Artwork page, you’ll see that I have a bit of thing for digital collage. I’m not very good at it, and am still learning, but I think I’m getting there little by little. Yesterday morning I was thinking that it has been ages since I did any so was planning on spending some time working on a new pic. Then, as if the planets aligned somehow, my mate Cameron text me and asked I could help him with an ad for his business. He has some space in an upcoming school publication, and was hoping I could make something up for him. I chucked a few ideas around and this is the end result:

School Ad

I’ve just sent it off to him – it’s the first pass so I’m sure that now we have an idea out in the wild we can begin to work from here and come up with something rad.

On a side note, I ended up teaching myself how to use Gimp in order to get this pic done – and I LOVE it. I used to use Pixlr, but they have changed their online program and now it is a bit of a mongrel to use. I had been getting more and more frustrated with it the last few times I used it, and this latest change was enough to make me finally download and install Gimp and have a fiddle with it.