Commander Payne Rides Again! Vlog 250

Something a little special for my 250th vlog! The return of an old friend…

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We are back home from another successful camping mission! Man, it was fun, we had a great time.

A few weeks back we were trying to find somewhere to stay for the Easter long weekend and came across a website called YouCamp, which is kinda like AirBNB but for camping. Lots of the sites had availability and we settled on one in the Yarra Valley – for $20 for the night!

So we hit the road yesterday, and after a very pleasant hour and a half of driving through the Victorian countryside we turned into Lowes Road and began to look for the site. We drove past it three times, and I’m sure when you look at the picture below you’ll understand why!


(The entrance is just to the left of the base of the tree in the center of the photo)

This is actually a good thing as it means the site is quiet and undisturbed, and no-one is going to stumble across you in the middle of the night. Great stuff.

We drove down to the site and were impressed with the layout. It is set up for one group of campers, so since we had it booked, we had the whole place to ourselves.


There is a spot for the car and a slightly slopingĀ area where the tent goes, and a basic kitchen bench set up with a roof fed water tank. We have put our new tent up and down a few times now, so we had our camp set up in no time which meant that it was time to explore. We checked out the toilet (see below), but after seeing it we decided that we would use the shovel and go bush when “the need” arose.




The kitchen bench set up made food prep and storage very convenient and it was a great addition to the site by the owners. In the past we have stored our food box and chilly bin in the front wing of our tent, so being able to use the bench set up meant we had a bit of extra space.

While setting up we realised that we had left our fry pan behind, so jumped in the car and made the short (7 minute) journey down the road to Healesville. The town was pretty busy due to the long weekend, butĀ before long we had a fry pan in our possession and were back at the camp and engaging chill out mode. After settling in, we began to get some visits from the local Kookaburra population. At one point we had three checking us out, and one of them was even brave enough to drop into the camp to inspect some food we threw it.


We literally sat on our butts for hours while we read our books, chatted, and took in the beautiful views, location, and wildlife. Later our thoughts turned to dinner, and after getting a good fire going, we used our new fry pan to cook up some sausages and create a sandwich I call The Campinator (sausage, smoky cheese, tomato sauce, and coleslaw):



After reading and chatting some more, we had a night cap and then hit the sack. There was a little bit of rain during the night but it didn’t bother us at all and we slept very soundly.

We woke this morning to the sound of our Kookaburra friends laughing, and further away cockatoos screeching on their morning territory prowl. This might be the best view I have ever had from a holiday accommodation spot:


Soon after waking I left Mrs B to snooze while I went bush and answered the question “Does a Ball crap in the woods?” (yes).

Later I fired up our new butane cooker to get the kettle going and started up the fire again so I could cook breakfast. The new fry pan was again called into action and bacon and eggs were the order of the day.






A few more coffees later and we reluctantly decided to pack up and head for home.

It was a fantastically chilled out stay, and we will definitely be going back, hopefully for two nights at some stage in the future. Good times!