The end of the year is upon us! If you have a few minutes, check out some of the fun we got up to this year. Looking forward to a bigger and better 2017 🙂



Last night we made an accidental discovery that turned out to be the highlight so far of our holiday in Japan.

Across the road from our hotel we noticed this little sign advertising Kenny’s Jazz Bar. As both of us like jazz, we made a mental note to check it out. Last night we wandered in and stumbled upon a hidden treasure of Ikebukuro.

The club is tiny and only seats 12 people, and Kenny himself was very friendly and accommodating. We sat down with a rum and coke each and enjoyed the music. Then we noticed that the two guys we chatted to out front were fiddling with some instruments at the front of the space. Lo and behold, these two were setting up for a gig! We had turned up just at the right time – they played a two hour set on piano and trumpet (and even got me to introduce the songs with english titles!). It was so much fun, and a total chance discovery. Something that we will look back on fondly.




One of my long time heroes is Anthony Bourdain, and I have mentioned him several times on this here blog. The new season of his show Parts Unknown has started, and wow, what a start. He is in Hanoi, Vietnam and about a quarter of the way through is a moving section on the war, and discussing veterans reactions (from both sides) to returning to sites they fought over.

Not only is Tony effortlessly cool, he knows how to stitch together a great episode of television.


We did it! We made it to the Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, and it was great. It is the last weekend that it is showing so it was crazy full, but we still got the chance to get up close and personal with a lot of the works.

My favourite section was the collection of Weiwei’s street photography (there was one in particular that Mrs B and I both found to be very powerful), with a wall full of polaroid portraits of celebrities being a close runner up. I couldn’t get pictures of either of those sections due to the number of people, but I have them filed away in my memories where they are safe with the images I have from the Salvador Dali exhibition we went to a couple of years ago.

Here are the pics that I could take!

This would look great in our lounge:


This was made from Lego!


This pretty much sums up the exhibition – six people deep along every wall:


Don’t tell anyone, but Mrs B pushed over three kids and an old lady to get into here:


Pretty sure that is not part of the exhibition ma’am:


It’s art, you wouldn’t understand it:


And then afterwards we had a nice lunch in Centreplace to fill our bellies after wrestling with 600,000 people and a ridiculous amount of prams: