A Dream I Had – Vlog 242

The one where I have a dream….

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I had another vivid dream last night. It’s been a while since I’ve had one. Here’s how it went:

I am staying in a hotel for work, It is after a conference and people are checking out and going back to their offices. There are a couple of workmates of mine who have already checked out and are getting in to their cars as I head to the reception office. 
The hotel is large and reminds me more of a university.  At checkout I have to report that I have lost my keys. They charge me for them and the receptionist is a bit of a bitch. I head back to my room (even though I’ve checked out) and find that the housekeepers have made up my room. Sitting on the pillow with a note are the room keys. The have obviously found them while cleaning up the room. 
So I pick up the keys and the mattress and head back to reception. I have the keys in one hand and the other hand over my shoulder hauling the mattress on my back. Once at reception I tell them that I have the keys so they need to give me a refund on the charges they gave me earlier. It’s at this point that I notice that the keys are gone again. The bitch behind the counter gives me a dramatic huffy look and charges me for losing them again. I resolve to tell as many people as possible about this bitch, her shitty customer service, and this stupid hotel. 
I head out of the reception and decide to just go to the car and head back to the office. I’m already really late now, and am a bit pissed off about having to pay twice for the keys. As I am walking up the hill, on my right are some buildings that look exactly like the D block at my old high school except that I know that this is a military campus. A Navy base to be exact. People are jogging past in groups. And it seems like a bunch of them are new to the place. 
I notice a duffel bag next to some steps and have a look inside and there are the bloody keys. I decide to keep them. Damn it, I have paid for them twice so I feel like they are mine now. I walk a bit more up the driveway and take a left where I find a group of young recruits who are all pink faced after being put through some hard PT by their instructors. They ask me if I am there for Navu stuff and why I aren’t dressed like them. 


Well, it’s cold, wet, and miserable and Metro Trains have again failed in their job of getting people traveling on time. My usual train has been cancelled and my fellow travellers and I have been stranded while we wait. The Metro Train app is telling us one thing (train cancelled) and the announcements are telling us something else (slight delays of a few minutes). 

Ugh. I’m freezing. I’d better not get sick again!

While I’m waiting here are the details of a vivid dream I had last night:

Spring break type camp. Tents and cabins. But is for exams. Can’t find my place and am helping some girls I know. They get changed into bikinis and don’t mind that I am there. Treat me like I am an old friend. 

Need to get fitted for a rental mountain bike. One place sold out. Another place only couple left and he is closing. Tells me to follow him. Shoots off on bike and I have to run to keep up. Climbs skinny single track. I have to rock climb to get to the top. He  asks me at the top if I’m okay with the heights. He then starts working on a bike for me. Not a runround but a full suspension monster. 

A party starts getting set up with more people. They spray something pink into the air so when the lights are turned off the pink glows. I think I should leave because I think if I get my picture taken with girls in bikinis Mrs B will be upset. Head back to camp and people are leaving in droves to go to local pubs. Miss a ride so decide to chill at the camp and see what happens. 

6.59am >>

I had a weird dream last night, one that lasted until my alarm went off. Normally I am semi awake and dozing when my alarm goes off at 6.00am, but this morning I was deep in slumber and I felt like I was climbing out of a well as I searched around for my phone so could shut it off.  

The dream went like this:

I am with one of the Partners from work, and we are doing a presentation at a Government client’s office. While she is doing the presentation I wander the facility. There is a wide atrium with wide rooms coming off it, and each one is set up like a courtroom or Senate hearing. In one of the rooms a lady is trying get everyone’s attention. Not just the attention of the people in the room, but those outside it too. 

Everyone pauses and looks expectantly at her. I walk over and she says that she has  “it” ready for me, and hands me an envelope. The envelope is thick with cash and I realise it is payment for whatever it is that we are doing at the office that day. 

I stand against a wall waiting for the presentation to finish. And, as I had done several times already, I put my hand in my pocket to make sure the cash was still there. 

It was not. 

I frantically looked down at the ground. There was a rubber band there and a few $100 notes on the ground. The rubber band had been around the notes and must have slipped off, and as it did it flicked the notes out of my pocket. I remembered that there was $800 in $100 notes in there, so searched around and tried to make sure I still had that much. 

Next thing I am searching on a table top. I have found out there was also another $15.13 that we need to find. It had been in one of those plastic coin bags that you get at the bank. Someone was helping me look so that we could get back to the total of $815.13. 

But by the time I woke up, we had not found it.  Not sure why the client paid us cash, or why the value changed halfway through, but that’s how it all unfolded. 

Dreams are weird. 

7.50am >>

I had one of my weird dreams last night. It was a cracker, so here goes:

I appear to be the same age as I am now, but am working back at Doug Robinson Appliances*. Things have changed there, Jack doesn’t seem to be around, and Mark is the boss. I walk up to one of the company vans, it sits high off the ground like a Hummer, and Mark is in the drivers seat.

I’m standing on one side of a workbench and I notice a familiar figure walk in, it’s Big Dave!* Haven’t seen that guy for years. I walk up to him, and while shy we are both soon chatting like old times. We give each other a hug and promise to keep in touch.

Suddenly I am sitting in a room with an Asian lady next to me. There are chairs all around the room, and people are looking at me funny. I turn to the Asian lady and we start talking. She is Big Dave’s wife, and the reason why people are looking at me with cold disapproving frowns is that I am no longer a member of their religion, and according to their rules they aren’t allowed to associate with me. I get the feeling that I shouldn’t be there, but the Asian lady speaks to me in Japanese and she tells me that they are the ones with the problem. We continue talking and do our best to ignore the passive aggressiveness around us. Eventually the meeting appears to be ready to start so I stand to leave as I don’t want to be a bother to the people there, they are obviously uncomfortable with me present, no matter how friendly I am.

There are some familiar faces in the group, but each time I offer a friendly handshake, they turn away and click their tongue like I’m some sort of freak. I walk out the door and am in the gift shop of a Bed and Breakfast. There is some cool stuff there, the kind of stuff you find in craft shops in small towns. I cook some hot chips and not long after, Cameron and Jess* arrive, they are checking in. Cameron and I sit at the table and I tell him he can have the rest of my chips. After saying that I wonder why I said it because I really wanted the rest of the chips.

By this time Cameron and Jess are in their pyjamas. I walk away from the table holding the bowl of chips close and say to Cam “Sorry man, there aren’t any chips left” all the while stuffing the leftovers into my mouth.

That was when my alarm went off. It is unusual for me to get woken by my alarm, normally I am awake a few minutes before. I had a good sleep though, so that’s good, and am looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow morning.

* Doing Robinson Appliances was my first proper job when I left school. I started there as an Electrical Service Technician apprentice.

* Big Dave was a housemate of mine for a few years. We were good mates who have lost touch over the years.

* Cameron and Jess are mates here in Australia.



I had one of those dreams last night. One of those ones that you remember clearly, even after waking up.

I am in Japan visiting a traditional high roofed guest house. The type you see in places like Hidatakayama. It’s decked out with modern items though. A bookshelf, modern paintings, a couch. From inside the room I see a man approach who does not look happy. He comes inside and tells the people with me (I know these people are there, but I never see them) that I am wearing my outside shoes inside the house (which is a no-no in Japan, especially in traditional settings).

We then assemble to get on a small Cessna type airplane. As we are flying along, I notice a guy driving in a car next to us. I give him a casual salute, which he returns to me with a nod.

We know that it will be a tricky landing as the strip has a right hand turn in the middle of it. We trust our pilot though (who looks a bit like Mrs B’s cousin Yasuhiro). The plane comes in to land and my view changes to be directly from above. The plane touches the ground, takes the right hand turn and then, in order to wash off speed the pilot pulls two sharp donut spins. We come to a stop and exit the plane with looks of elation and relief on our faces, giggling with nervous laughter.

As usual, I have no idea where the details come from. I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown last night, which might have prompted the travel angle. But as for the Japan location, salute, and landing, who knows?

After a couple of days of very average weather, it looks like we might be back in the good books today with some sunshine. It is hayfever season though, so there is lots of pollen about at the moment. I have been snorting antihistamines each morning which is definitely helping. It usually lasts for just a few weeks.

Can’t believe it Wednesday already! This week will be over in a flash.


‘Tis a little foggy again this morning!


I think we are in for a good day once the fog burns off. We are expecting a high of 20 which will be lovely. Spring is my favourite time of year (along with Autumn).

It’s Hump Day already, and because we are pumping through a mountain of work, the week is going fast. I like it when we are nice and busy, and ploughing through the work, it gives me a good feeling to be part of a good team.

Of course, Wednesday is also weigh day, and so I checked my weight this morning. I’m a little frustrated to report that I am still stuck on 111kgs. As I have said before, I am glad that I have not put any on for such a long time, but being on a plateau sucks, especially after the great success I had prior to it. Anyway, just got to hang in there and keep doing what I’m doing, as I know it works. I’d love to be around 105 by Christmas, but I think that is unlikely. As long as I am under 110 by then I will be happy.

I had a rather odd dream last night, and as usual, have no idea where it came from, or what might have triggered it:

I am walking in the Forest Lake area of Hamilton, near Grandma and Grandpas house, and meet up with George Bush. It would appear from the way he greeted me that we are old friends. He was laughing and smiling, and oblivious to the bodyguards around him. We went into his house and he gave me a tour. We went into a room that had a high ceiling and bright green fluffy carpet. I asked George how far his authority went, for example could he say “I don’t like this carpet, change it” and would people change it? He just smiled and reached down behind the bed and pulled out an old box of photos and we started looking through them. I remember thinking that some of these pics would look cool on my blog, and quite a scoop to obtain. We then left and George walked me to the door laughing and clapping his hand on my shoulder a few times. He seemed pretty relaxed and chilled out.

So as usual, there were some unusual components mixed in with some familiar things, none of which made much sense when combined together. It’s not often that I have a dream vivid enough to remember after I wake up, so that’s why I like to write them down. And who knows, maybe by writing them down, if any of them happen in real life, I can prove that déjà vu is real.

Or something.

So, time for coffee then? Okay!


I just woke up from a dream where I had a bowl of hot chips, and a bottle of milk, one in each hand. Even though there were chips in the bowl, and milk in the bottle, I had decided that I was done with them. So I went to the kitchen and poured the milk over the chips, like you would milk over cereal.

I stood there thinking “what have you done!?” And proceeded to get a spoon and try and save the really crunchy chips because they are my favourite ones. I ended up on my knees in the kitchen, slowly raising my arms in the air like Willem Dafoe in Platoon.

Oooooookay then.


Well, that was the weekend! All over so fast. Didn’t really accomplish much, but hey, that’s what weekends are for – recovering from the previous week and prepping for the next.

I had another dream last night.

I was on a boat or in some sort of facility – not sure which – and there was a nuclear explosion somewhere so we all had to run into safety lockdown corridors.

I guess that whatever the facility was, I had some sort of authority because I ended up at a counter talking to some medical staff behind it. They gave me three stacked boxes of small medicine bottles (like the ones used to hold the liquid for injections) and told me that I needed to relabel them. They all had code numbers on then, and they needed to be labelled with the names that the codes stood for.

I took the pile and with nowhere else to do it, say down on the floor by the wall and started.

Got a fair bit on this week for work, and this coming weekend we thought we might spend the day in St Kilda.

Let’s roll.