Legends of Parking, Episode 20

“Nah those people won’t want to get out. I’ll just park here.”



Legends of Parking, Episode 12

You might remember this lady from Episode 11, the one who regularly parks in front of a road sign on a roundabout, completely blocking it for all the drivers.

Per her usual process, she did it again today, and here she is getting an earful from someone for her ridiculous parking effort. This was a a minute after another incident where a van just about got rear ended because he had to slow down to read the sign and the car behind him almost hit him.

Note the big empty car park, and perfectly adequate spot just on the other side of the sign she is so insistent on parking in front of.

Some people never learn.


Legends of Parking, Episode 11

This lady in a little red Getz has parked on a little strip between the sign and the roundabout, completely blocking the lower part of the sign so they can’t be read by drivers. 

The worst part? There is no need to park there as there is tonnes of free space in the carpark:

I took those pics yesterday and advised Metro of the safety hazard and the said they would get on to it. I don’t know if they did, but here are her efforts today:

Parked in the same spot, just backed up a little – still covering part of the sign….