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This is What Came Out of Me – Episode 25

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In today’s episode we talk about an infamous Winter Olympics scandal…

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There was a critical incident a block or so from my office in front of Flinders Station about an hour ago. A guy drove a 4WD through pedestrians. Thank you for your messages, Mrs B and I are not involved and okay. It happened literally 5 mins before I got to the station.

It was at the Flinders / Elizabeth intersection so it was packed as it was just before 5.00pm and also full of Christmas shoppers. I got to Flinders / Swanston as the cops were pulling up and stopping pedestrians. Its right between two police stations so they were on the scene pronto.



This morning I was riding the train and listening to a podcast that was discussing the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001. I looked up and out the window and watched a 767 circle the city before banking toward the airport. Then a few minutes later I came out of the Degrave St underground walkway and out into the morning sun and took a moment to look at the buildings around me. 

The people on September 11 were exactly the same as me. Exactly the same. Going about their day, heading to the office, thinking about where they would get their coffee from. I tried to picture what it would be like to look across the Yarra River to Southbank and see a passenger plane crash into the Eureka Tower, or to look above me and see the Rialto Towers disappear in a fireball. 

I could imagine what it would be like to see that happen, but I bet it’s not even close to the reality. The thing that really struck me was the recording of people when the second plane hit, and they realise that this was no accident, but rather a planned event. The instant change was incredible. Some ran away. Some ran toward it. 

I don’t know why I’m writing this, but it really got my mind going that I’m just a guy in a city minding my own business, doing exactly what everyone in New York was doing that day.