Oh man, this book. Ugh.

As you might have guessed from that intro, I did not enjoy reading this book. I heard it mentioned on a podcast called Tangentially Speaking and on there they were talking about it being a wonderful essay on life after death, a questioning dive into what it means to be alive, what reality really is, and how our internal view determines our external view.

Hmmm. Nah.

In my opinion, this book is a mess. At times incoherent, at others nonsensical, and at the end of the day leaving me with a feeling of “okay, whatever.”

Maybe I’m too stupid to understand some unobvious subtext, or maybe the subject matter was way over my head. Or maybe its another case of the legend being bigger than the actuality.

As far as “questioning the afterlife” books go, I thought The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom was 1000 times better.


Swingland was one of those books I came across by accident. It was mentioned in passing on a podcast I was listening to, and having really enjoyed books in the past such as Would You Like Sex With That? I thought I would check it out.

Good call Shane-o, good call.

My local library had a copy and I burned through it in a couple of weeks. In Swingland Daniel Stern shares his stories as a member of the ‘lifestyle’ along with tips for those that want to get involved. I was more interested in the former rather than the latter, and those parts are, in my opinion, the best parts of the book.

Stern is very open and honest throughout, his humour shines through, and he is not afraid to poke fun at himself as he shares his adventures. He has a very entertaining style of writing and the chapters dedicated to his adventures are very easy to read. I skimmed over the How To style chapters, but they too are honest and to the point.

Overall a good fun read. Feel like reading something about a world that is entirely alien to you? Check this out.


I’m listening to Waking Up With Sam Harris at the moment, his latest episode called “On the Maintenance of Civilisation” to be precise. The episode is a discussion between Sam and Douglas Murray and I recommend you have a listen if only for the brilliant rant Mr Murray has about 30 minutes in. 

It’s gold and so directly on point so as to be something the whole world needs to hear.