Maybe it’s all the drugs I’m on for this cold, but this made me laugh a ridiculous amount:


8.29am >

Had a great night last night. We had dinner at Kim and Adam’s, and Jess was there too so it was awesome to catch up and chill out.

We got to meet their new ‘kids’ which was cool:

Kim is a great cook and we had a delicious rolled chicken roast (not related to the ones in the yard) along with a potato, kumara, bacon, and cheese dish which was fantastic. There was even quinoa mixed with a bone broth.

So yeah, it was awesome!

We watched a movie (Unbroken – meh) and mucked around with Lucy their Blue Heeler while we chatted away.

Good times.

I’m off to the doctor this morning. You might remember last year I had a diabetes check up, and while I was all clear for that, I did have high triglyceride levels. I have been taking some medication, changed my diet, and been doing more exercise and now it’s time to check the numbers again. I won’t find out today of course, he will refer me to get a blood test and then all will be revealed….

6.12pm >>

So, good news today! Well, kinda.

I had my follow up appointment with the doctor post blood test last Friday.  The good news is that I have the all clear for diabetes. No sign of it in my tests, so that was fantastic to hear. They did however find that my triglyceride levels are very very high.  The norm measurement is < 1.5 and mine came out at 5.4, so yeah, kinda on the high side!  My cholesterol is also slightly above the norm.

We spoke about ways to reduce it, and we are taking a two pronged attack.  One is medication, and the other is good ol’ diet and exercise.  I have to take the meds each day which is okay, and while I have my diet pretty well dialed in, I do need to improve on the exercise side.  Diet and exercise control are the best ways to reduce triglyceride levels, and lowering them will lower the cholesterol along with it.

So I guess I will have to behave myself over the holidays!