7.35pm >>

Man, huge week at work.

60% through, and pushing on toward the end.  Been feeling a bit sick the last couple of days too which has not been cool.  Slowly feeling better today though as the day has progressed, so I am pretty happy about that.

Let’s roll!

8.29am >

Had a great night last night. We had dinner at Kim and Adam’s, and Jess was there too so it was awesome to catch up and chill out.

We got to meet their new ‘kids’ which was cool:

Kim is a great cook and we had a delicious rolled chicken roast (not related to the ones in the yard) along with a potato, kumara, bacon, and cheese dish which was fantastic. There was even quinoa mixed with a bone broth.

So yeah, it was awesome!

We watched a movie (Unbroken – meh) and mucked around with Lucy their Blue Heeler while we chatted away.

Good times.

I’m off to the doctor this morning. You might remember last year I had a diabetes check up, and while I was all clear for that, I did have high triglyceride levels. I have been taking some medication, changed my diet, and been doing more exercise and now it’s time to check the numbers again. I won’t find out today of course, he will refer me to get a blood test and then all will be revealed….

6.12pm >>

So, good news today! Well, kinda.

I had my follow up appointment with the doctor post blood test last Friday.  The good news is that I have the all clear for diabetes. No sign of it in my tests, so that was fantastic to hear. They did however find that my triglyceride levels are very very high.  The norm measurement is < 1.5 and mine came out at 5.4, so yeah, kinda on the high side!  My cholesterol is also slightly above the norm.

We spoke about ways to reduce it, and we are taking a two pronged attack.  One is medication, and the other is good ol’ diet and exercise.  I have to take the meds each day which is okay, and while I have my diet pretty well dialed in, I do need to improve on the exercise side.  Diet and exercise control are the best ways to reduce triglyceride levels, and lowering them will lower the cholesterol along with it.

So I guess I will have to behave myself over the holidays!

7.14am >>

Today is the last working Friday of the year for me. My last day of work before the holidays will be Christmas Eve. We are still flat out prepping for Phase 2 of our big work project, but I am confident that when we log off next Wednesday we will be in good shape.

I have a doctors appointment booked for this Saturday to hear the results of my blood tests from last week. As I have mentioned they are testing me for diabetes based on my symptoms and family history of Type 2. Two years ago I was checked as part of the Workplace Healthcheck Program and was all clear, and since July last year I have lost 10kgs, so I am quietly confident that I will be okay. But hey, you never know. Still nervous, but it is what it is, and if I have it then I will be more than happy to kick it’s ass and get it under my control.

One of the things I am looking forward to over the Christmas / New Year break is spending some time with the two excellent books I am reading at the moment. The first is Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang, and the other is Horns by Joe Hill. I am halfway through both of them and am absolutely hooked on them. Looking forward to chewing through them on my break.

It is a lovely cool clear day here today. Gonna smash it and start my weekend with glee.

6.51am >>

Slight change in the morning routine today. We have discovered that there is a clinic near work where I can get my blood tests done. So instead of waiting until Sunday, I am going to pop into this place near work this morning. They open at 7.30am too which is great.

That means we can have our Sunday free. Before we thought I had to do my blood tests on Sunday, we had planned to donate blood with Kim and Adam. We postponed that when we found out about the blood tests having to happen at the same time. Now that Sunday is free though we went to set up the donation again, only to find that they were all booked up!

We are still going to catch up with Kim and Adam, but we will meet them once they are done with their donation and go and get some lunch together.

Other than that, the only plan for the weekend is to drop the car off for a service tomorrow morning. They will be looking at the LPG tank issue as well, so hopefully it doesn’t cost too much.

Looking forward to getting in the door this evening and engaging chill out mode.

12.52pm >>

I’m alive! I survived my doctor’s visit.  I got poked and prodded, but nothing too invasive.  The doc took his time and I didn’t feel like he was trying to rush me out the door which was nice.

He has given me some meds for my stomach / reflux issues.  I am to take these for a while and see if it makes a difference.  If not then he will look a bit deeper to see if there is something else causing it like an ulcer or other irritant.  I have also been booked for some blood tests to check me for diabetes (family history, yay!) and the usual cholesterol etc.

We were supposed to donate blood with Kim and Adam this weekend, but I will be giving blood in another way instead!

Still feeling a bit queasy, but I have taken my first lot of medicine so hopefully things will start settling down soon.

6.15pm >>

Well, something happened today that has not happened in a long, long time….

I came home sick from work.

I can’t even remember the last time that happened!  I have been feeling weird for a week or so, but have been putting it down to the fact that we have been so crazy busy at work.  It has hung around though, and this morning I was feeling really nauseous again, and woke up with a stonkin’ headache.  By lunchtime I was still feeling the same, and had some sort of reflux deal going on as a bonus. I thought “bugger this” and decamped.

When I got home I crashed out for an hour or so, but woke up still feeling very average. It is most unusual for me to be sick, and often when I am, a good hard sleep will do wonders.  Still feeling like crap though, and cognisant that I have not been feeling 100% for a week or so, I have booked a doctor’s appointment (another thing that hasn’t happened in a long long time) for tomorrow.

Time to get probed and see what’s up.

6.58am >>

Far out its cold this morning!

We have had some pretty good weather for the last couple of weeks. It has been quite pleasant and bouncing around in the 20s with the odd 30 plus here and there. Over the weekend though it turned. Saturday morning started out lovely and but by dinner time there was a thunderstorm and it rained all night. Yesterday the rain continued off and on throughout the day.

This morning is all over cast and freezing cold, and there is the threat of rain in the air. I didn’t bring an umbrella so I hope the rain holds off!

I think it will be another busy week at the office. We are well underway on our massive project, and it is all hands on deck as we push to get it done. It is 5 weeks until the Christmas break, and we plan to have he bulk of it done well before then. So it is go go go.

Our new couch is booked for delivery this coming weekend. I was feeling a bit sick yesterday and fell asleep on the couch we have at the moment. Woke up with a crick in my neck saying “can’t wait for our new couches!” The thing we are both looking forward to is that on the new ones the armrests are half the height of of our current couches. This means you can actually stretch out on them and not wake up feeling like someone beat you up.

It’s the little things in life!